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Automated information system «MeteoServer» ITAV.416311.007 is designed to provide meteorological information to air traffic services and automated air traffic control systems.

AIS «MeteoServer» provides air traffic services a complete package of weather information for flight planning to expedite and maintain an orderly flow of air traffic, providing advice and information to ensure safety and efficiency.

AIS «MeteoServer» - the first step in the harmonization of meteorological service for air traffic services within the concept of communications, navigation and surveillance / air traffic management (CNS / ATM) of ICAO.

AIS «MeteoServer» was developed in compliance with the document «Tactical and engineering requirements to meteosuppprt of implemented and operated automated systems, complexes and facilities of ATC» of the State Corporation on ATC, 2000, passed all types of tests and has a certificate of No. 346 IAC type..

AIS «MeteoServer»ensures transfer of the following data to the automated ATC (air traffic control) systems:

AIS «MeteoServer» ensures interaction with global telecommunications systems of WMO, AFTN, SADIS, MECOM-ASPD.

AIS «MeteoServer» provides interaction with ATC on interfaces

AIS «MeteoServer» provides data transmission services in VOLMET and ATIS.

Types of displaying information


Production AIS «MeteoServer» conducted in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001-2001.

AIS «MeteoServer» is recommended for installation for increasing the safety of flights and air traffic control efficiency by resolution of the Federal Agency of Air Transport No.ShN-35-р dated 06.09.2004.


As of 1 June 2017, 38 systems of the AAIS «MeteoServer» were installed.

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